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Most architectural planning aims to create a pleasent atmosphere for work or living by keeping nature out of the building. Our approach is different in the way that we intend to activate nature for a better architecture. This helps to create a unique identity for a building, because it involves all senses in the buildings' recognition (not just the visual reception of static walls). Furthermore, we enable a building to transform its appearance constantly over time by utilizing its structure to bring about visualizations of natural phenomena.
Of course, our planning strategy also involves the activation of nature to facilitate passive climate control (to reduce the cost of heating, cooling and humidization).

In our planning services, we provide a network consisting of the following professions

::Computer simulations::
Computational fluid dynamics
Fluid dynamics simulation inside or around buildings (for example, to identify if air ventilation is sufficient, to optimize air flow or to identify windloads).
Computational structural analyses
Structural analyses of new materials such as shape memory alloys or anisotropically reinforced materials.
Simulation development
Development of advanced simulations (including physical and sociological factors). We are using all kinds of mathematical abstractions such as cellular automata, discretized partial differential equations,... to model the problem space.

::Geometrical consulting::
Engineering drawings
Generation of computer models and engineering drawings (including all details) for complicated geometries such as free form surfaces.
Geometry simplification
Simplification of complex geometries in order to safe money by industrial prefabrication of many similar parts.
Mathematical surface construction
Assistance in generation of mathematical surfaces (e.g. generation of aerodynamic shapes according to local wind situations).
3D scanning of clay models (or other materials) and generation of CAD geometry.

::Structural Planning::
Consulting for design and analysis of steel, woold and glass structures.

Sample Applications

3D Geometry

Physical Simulations


Space Sociology

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