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We are offering a comprehensive set of engineering services. Our focus is in particular on complicated free form shapes, contact interaction and development of nonlinear material models

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::CAD modeling::
CAD modeling
CAD modeling of engineering parts; possible file formats include CATIA, SolidWorks, SolidEdge and ProEngineer
2D > 3D
Transfer of your 2D engineering drawings into 3D CAD data

::Finite elment simulations::
Mesh generation
hexahedral, tetrahedral or mixed to client-specified criteria
Finite-element simulation of static and dynamic problems; materials can be linear elastic, non-linear elastic or shape memory alloys
Fluid dynamics simulation
can be coupled with structural interaction
Parametric studies
Design optimization based on finite-element simulations

::Development of material models::
Development of sophisticated material models for ABAQUS, MSC MARC and MSC NASTRAN. Material models are optimized for best possible performance during simulation.

Detailed analyses of designs, comparisons based on numerical simulations and development of optimization strategies. Results can be provided as technical reports
Further Samples
Bitumen Material Modeling
Conversion between testing methods.
Jet Break
CFD simulation for Millturn GmbH.
Exhaust Gas Recirculation
CFD simulation to reduce NOx.
Natural Cooling of a Road Pricing System
Simulation for Kapsch Trafficom.
High quality NURBS modeling and FEM simulation of a hook.
Lining Stress Controller
Simulation of complex contact interaction in tunneling components.
Extrusion plate
An extrusion plate frequently fractured and was optimized by FEM.

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