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We are providing early stage medical device companies with product design and optimization services. In numerous projects we have used an integrated approach including both simulation and testing, which showed to be the fastest way to the final design.

Numerical simulations of biomechanical problems can be of help in optimizing interventional tools (such as coronary stents) as well as prostheses (e.g. artificial intervertebral discs). In many cases the exact mechanisms during an intervention are not clear because they are difficult to measure. A simulation can help to understand what is going on. This knowledge is indispensable for the successful design of medical devices.

Services in detail:

::Stent design::
Basic simulation
Numerical simulation of stents consisting of stainless steel or shape memory alloy.
Analysis of restenosis indicators
Numerical analysis of the performance of stents when interacting with arteries. We have developed a set of indicators that serve as a tool to benchmark the performance of stents.
Parameter studies
Analysis of many large-scale-study parameters (e.g. ISAR STEREO) by computer simulation. This helps to compare the performance of devices before the actual stent is built.

::General biomechanics::
Basic simulation
Numerical simulation of interventional tools or prostheses to analyze parameters such as the stress distribution in implants or body tissues. Simulations can utilize advanced material models for biological tissues or shape memory alloys and fluid-structure interaction.
Mesh generation
High quality mesh generation of tissue components as well as interventional tools for finite-element simulations. Mesh data can be provided in any format required by the client.
Parameter studies
Development of optimization strategies for implants or interventional tools.


Fluid-Structure Interaction

Structural Mechanics

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