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What we do

We are a science based company with a mission to enable fundamental improvements in the development of products. Our practice provides solutions for clinical, engineering and architectural applications.

::Services in detail::

How we do it

We are combining parametric technologies with high-end simulation algorithms. The covered domains range from mechanical to fluid, biological, pharmacological and thermal effects (also coupled). This enables us to understand complex systems and to find optimal solutions for our customers.

Our algorithms are implemented using the most advanced programming techniques available. This allows us to deal with problems on a highly abstract level and to deliver our services efficiently, with high accuracy and reliability.

We provide our consulting services also as vertical applications: stand alone software applications are tailored to client specific simulation requirements.

Research Applications

Vertebral body
Numerical simulation with subdivision surfaces leads to unprecedented accuracy.
Vascular stent design
Parametric design of stents helps to optimize clinical success.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Flow simulation to analyze the wind load on the facade.

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