Bitumen - Material Model for Profactor GmbH

There are three classic testing methods available for bitumen:

  • needle penetration (DIN EN 1426)
  • fracture point by Fraaß (DIN EN 12593)
  • softening point ring and sphere (DIN EN 1427) (see below)

Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses. A new testing method is represented by the dynamic shear rheometry, which is superior to the classic methods. The aim of this study was to derive an analytic relationship between the classic methods and the dynamic shear rheometry to facilitate conversion of testing results.

Finite element simulation of the classic testing method 'ring and sphere'.

In order to study the qualitative behavior of bitumen under the three classic testing methods, appropriate finite element models were built (ring and sphere ist shown above). Thereby, smooth surface contact formulations were employed. Based on the results from the simulations, analytical models were built for each of the testing methods. With the help of Mathematica, the resulting equations could be utilized to create an analytical conversion between the the classical methods and the dynamic shear rheometry.

The project was carried out for Profactor GmbH.

Abstract illustration of the classic testing method 'ring and sphere'.



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